Hot Stone Massage

Thermal Hot Stones & Jade Stones (Ancient Stone therapy)

Thermal Basalt Volcanic hot stones used in massage, may ease away stress and tension, aches and pains, helping to promote a deeply relaxing  experience.

Basalt stones are believed to be therapeutic and have wonderful healing energy. They are commonly used in massage therapy for relaxation and healing benefits. Specifically, Basalt stones are used for hot stones massage because of the magnetic iron which holds heat. Basalt stones are present during volcanic eruptions and most are found mainly in coastal areas. Moreover, they contain a certain proportion of oxygen and silica as a combined element.

When used in therapeutic massage they are shaped especially for their smoothness and healing properties.

Basalt Thermal stone Benefits:

Revive and Relieve Body Muscles

It  does  revive and relieve the body muscles and tissues and is perfect for relaxation of body and mind. When you are stressed and tensed because of your daily cares in life, the heat from the basalt stones will help your muscles relax. When your muscles are relaxed, the thermal stones can penetrate deeper to help you release your tension. The pressure applied can rejuvenate tight muscles. Besides, the heat from the basalt stones has a calming effect on body muscles.

 Improved Blood and Lymph Circulation

Basalt stones are the natural carrier of magnetic iron and are able to hold heat for a certain period of time. For these reasons,  when it is placed in the certain parts of the body, it is believed to improve blood and lymph circulation. The heat and the pressure from massage, promote healthy circulation of blood and lymph. The flourishing circulation can release you from fatigue and stress.

 Relieve Pain

The hot basalt stones associated with the pressure of massage will relieve your pain from arthritis, stiff joints, and others. The penetrating heat can provide a greater relief and calming effect on the body. When suffering from body pain, hot stone massage from basalt stones will re-energise your body.

Jade Stones

Known to the Chinese as the Stone of Heaven, jade has always been a prized gemstone in many parts of the world. It has been used by the African Egyptians and Mayans as a massage and meditation tool for over 7000 years

Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone

Jade has the composition of iron, magnesium & calcium, Jade is the only massage stone that can hold both heat and cold equally well.

Jade Stone Benefits

Promotes relaxation and vitality while releasing toxins and inflammation.

Mental and Spiritual Benefits

Relaxation of the mind achieved from the intense nature of massage with the help of penetrating heat from the basalt stone. When the mind is relaxed, mental stress and tension have no room in your thinking. No thoughts of deadline, cares of life and anxiety. The heated stones that are positioned in the pressure points of the body together with the pressure of the massage are capable to put your mind at ease. When mind is calm and relaxed, you can achieved what they called the deep meditative state.

Thermal Hot Stone Massage

Duration: 45 mins


Jade Stone Massage

Duration: 45 mins