Egyptian Healing Rod Therapy

The authentic and proven Egyptian Healing Rods.

For 3,000 years statues of the Pharaohs depicted the healing rods by holding them in their hands.

High Priests and Pharaohs  were the only ones allowed to touch and use what we now know as healing devices. When the dynasties ended,  the knowledge, the purpose and use of the rods was known only to a few secret mystical societies who kept their existence hidden, until a European Russian Scientist rediscovered them in a Museum about 45 years ago. He was allowed to copy them in strict accordance to the original specifications.

By holding the Egyptian Rods in a specific way for approximately 15/20 minutes, the Copper Rod in your right hand (Sun Energy) and the Zinc Rod in your left hand (Moon Energy), they may help with reducing stress, fatigue, improve vitality, balance the meridians, deepen meditation and expand physic abilities.

Rods Quartz, Rods Kont, Rods Crystal, Rods Star, Rods Connectivity, Rods Consciousness and the latest new rods, the Amber Rods are all available for sessions here at Song of the River Sanctuary, a wonderful compliment to any other therapies and meditation practices.

Egyptian Healing Rod Therapy  (Individual sets to use depending on your needs)

The meditation sessions will vary depending on your individual needs.

The Egyptian Healing Rods and a learning course are available to purchase on my sister website