We are Barbara and Nick Allen, we came here to Can yr Afon (Song of the River ) in 2006, after spending some time in Berkshire where we both lived and worked. I had a successful Therapy Centre for nearly 3 years. I gained so many life skills of owning a business, and of course learning a lot about myself on many levels to further my skill set, to eventually owning a Sanctuary Retreat.

Can Yr Afon, the English translation is Song of the River, the name itself is so beautiful so it was an easy decision for us that the name should be Song of the River Retreat Sanctuary.

I qualified as a Beauty and Holistic therapist 20 years ago and have since that time had a great following for the Ancient Egyptians, their culture, their wonderful buildings and statues. I soon got involved with designing my treatment rooms with an Egyptian theme. It works really well and people feel calm and relaxed even by being in the rooms. Egyptian energy healing was something else I had researched and had a calling to look into some healing tools which I have been using and retailing for some years now. These wonderful sacred energy tools called ‘Egyptian Healing Rods’ can help people overcome so many issues ranging from stress, fatigue, insomnia and for those people looking for advancing their spiritual path, then these tools are most useful. (please read more on the page for the rods).

When Nick and I came here to Can yr Afon, it slowly became apparent that the house and the land was full of special energies, so we explored the possibility of finding out a little more. This is where it gets interesting, so we hired the services of a well known Dowser, who came along to dowse the land and after discussing his findings in great detail, we soon understood and acknowledged how and why there are special energies here.  He found three main energy grids on the property. I soon became very excited and we went about drawing and measuring the land and we came across more interesting news.

To our amazement it turns out that the land diagram (shape) looked very familiar to me. I had previously read a couple of years before moving to Can Yr Afon a book called The Hidden Records and how sacred sites are mirrored to certain star constellations. Our diagram of our land and where the property sits is exactly the same shape to the Seven sisters (the Pleiades) parallel to Orions Belt.

I wrote a book on my findings a few years ago – Mirror Images and Keys of Connection this can be purchased via Xlibris Corporation ISBN-13 9781465366245 

My husband Nick also has many skills, he successfully gained his FCIPS qualification in 2017 (Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply). He has worked in senior management roles for many years and loves helping people who come here looking at other guidance, especially relating to work issues. We both work well together and separately and now offer a Back on track weekend for those who are looking at business guidance, life coaching and a little pampering. If this is of interest, then please do look at the pages for the Back on track weekend.

We both look forward to those of you who are in need of a well earned break, whether that be your batteries re-charging, peace and tranquility or just relaxing within nature on the River Clywedog Nature Trail.