Welcome to Song of the River Meditation Retreat Sanctuary

Song of the River Sanctuary is a spiritual Meditation Retreat. This is certainly a place of uniquely profound energy vortexes and a place of spiritualism and life. Because of this, you can relax on a warm day as the River Clywedog runs alongside our garden. The sense of tranquility, you will enjoy and will feel rather energised on a clear night, gazing upwards at the bright stars. You will certainly feel the energies all around you. It is a truly remarkable place, hence we treat it with utmost respect because of our passion.

My husband Nick and I enjoy sharing our beautiful home, and Meditation Retreat, with our guests and during your visit.  We welcome you to explore at leisure taking in the stunning countryside. You will experience the beautiful sense of space and tranquillity we at Song of the River are proud to offer.

We have many meditation practices available for those wishing to connect with higher energies. Our aim is to provide a unique experience in helping you unwind in our beautiful surroundings.

The Benefits of Meditation.

Meditations are known to reduce stress, control anxiety and promote emotional health. Many people enhance their self awareness with Meditation practices and you will find that with specific energy tools, which we use, you will probably feel heightened bringing you into an amazing space, allowing peace and harmony to engulf your very being.

Meditation can also help with age related memory loss, generate kindness and lengthen attention span, also helping enhance positive feelings towards yourself and others. It is known to also help with addictions and dependencies by increasing your self control.

When you look into the many more benefits of meditation, it can improve sleep and also help control pain by reducing strain on the heart and decrease your blood pressure.

We believe by Meditating here at Song of the River you will have the most amazing memorable experience.

We offer one night and two night spiritual and meditation breaks.  All our food is cooked fresh and we cater for special dietary needs if required. Nick and myself do all the cooking.  (Maximum 2 persons for all of the sessions available).

Your haven for relaxation in our Meditation Retreat

Discovery One Night Stay Retreat

One day and one night stay – to include all meals and refreshments

Arrive at 10am meet and greet, followed by a discovery consultation which will lead us into the therapies and meditation sessions, which will best suit your needs.

Discovery Two Night Stay Retreat

Two day and two night stay – to include all meals and refreshments

Arrive at 10am day 1, meet and greet, followed by a discovery consultation. This will lead us into meditations and also therapies which will best suit your needs over your two day stay.

We are happy to discuss If you need more flexibility on arrival and departure times.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of therapeutic sessions catering for your needs (after a discovery consultation).

Providing you with quality relaxation is really important to us. We aim to keep things simple by providing you with a selection of personalised meditation sessions, treatments and therapies.

Finally, we also offer a Back on Track weekend with Nick my husband, for anyone seeking some business development skills and pampering, either 1 or 2 persons can be catered for.

If you have any queries or wish to find out more, please feel free to call us for an informal chat.

Please Note: Treatments, Meditations and Healing sessions are included within the cost of your stay.

While you are here why not visit our sister site for the Egyptian Healing Rods at http://www.healing4u.co.uk

We will help you be Yourself !